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Employee theft, property crime and information security are major concerns in todays time. Companies invest millions of rands on security technology with the intention of increasing security, protecting their people, and solving other security concerns. This technology includes video surveillance, fire protection systems, access control systems and intrusion alarms. Technology, in the hands of competent and capable security officers & staff, can reduce property liability, cut material losses, and keep people safe. But keeping security staff trained on separate, stand-alone systems can be challenging and should be addressed as part of broader security objectives. The key systems of security are intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance. If each of these systems is purchased separately, administration and training can be a burden to the company or property owner, and each system requires service, maintenance, administration, and training.

NTI Security Solutions offers an integrated security system solution, which involves the assessment, design, installation and maintenance of security systems, including integrating security solutions with the client’s current building management systems, for Retail, Commercial and Industrial property.

Technical Solutions

these includes the supply and installations of:

CCTV Systems:  CCTV system requires continuously requires maintenance and evaluating. NTI has the capabilities to assess the system to provide clients with the most effective strategic solutions.

– Our systems include

o Analogue & IP CCTV Security Systems which can either be cabled (hard-wired)
solutions and wireless solutions.

– Our product solutions

o Axis
o Bosch
o Avigilon
o Samsung
o HikVision
o Dahua

Access Control Systems:
Access Control Systems performs crucial tasks that identify, authenticate and determine access approvals. NTI has the capabilities to evaluate current systems, design, install and maintain standalone or multi accessed building to monitor personnel and visitors.

– Our system includes

o Proximity Reader
o Tags
o Swipe cards
o Biometric and
o License Plate recognition

– Our product solutions

o ZKTeco
o Paxton Access
o Impro Technologies
o Softcon Software Control Solutions
o ViRDI Access Control Solutions

Fire Detection, PA Systems and Voice Evacuation Systems: The fire alarm systems are made up of a number of devices working together to detect and alert when smoke/fire is present, and utilise pre- recorded emergency voice messages, warning that an emergency has been reported and giving the instruction to evacuate the building to protect life and property. The system can also be used by personnel and firefighters to give specific information and/or instructions over the alarm system. NTI has the capabilities to design, install, commission and service these types of systems.

– Our system includes

o Conventional Fire Panels
o Addressable Fire Panels
o Wireless Detection Units
o Gas Suppression System
o Public Address Evacuation Systems

– Our product solutions

o Ziton
o Bosch
o Aritech
o Firepro

Intercoms Systems: The Intercom Systems, reinforces the ability to manage access to the buildings. NTI has the capabilities to install from a basic audio intercom system to larger video multi-station installations.

– Our system includes

o Audio Intercoms
o Video Intercoms
o Wireless Intercom

– Our product solutions

o Aiphone
o Thangram
o Kocom
o Commax
o Farfisa
o Kiocom

Lighting Controls Systems: With technology making a huge impact in the world, we strive to make a difference using state of the art hardware and software adding simplicity to Retail, Commercial, and residential buildings. NTI is able offer centralized control solutions over lighting. Having a module solution makes an installation scalable to a Building Automation System, with the ability to integrate all systems such as Lighting, Fire System, Access Control, Generator, PV Systems, Grey Water System, Water Metering, Power Metering, Uninterrupted Power Supply’s, HVAC, and be able to monitor and report on them.

Integrated Systems & Remote Viewing:

The integrated systems are state of the art technology, which integrates the benefits of different systems and effectively manage your assets effectively (and remotely). The integration of the hardware and the software integrates the security beyond their purposes. The objective is to improve the customers organisational processes and safety levels through the management, integration and distribution so critical information.

– Our Accredited Solutions

o Milestone Systems

Consulting and Project Management

The consulting and project management of the above services include:

o System Design and Integrations
o Specifications of Hardware and Software (Licensing)
o Network and Server Requirements
o Control Room Design
o Turnkey Installation
o Training and Commissioning with the Manuals
o Servicing and Maintenance Plan

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